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Brand Awareness

Let people know who you are. Keep your business in the forefront of your consumer's mind.

Website Referrals

Create valuable content and give your audience the opportunity to learn more on your website.

Prospect Development

Nurture your relationship with your audience and become a trusted advisor.

Your Customers are on Social Media

84% of people with internet access use at least one social media platform including over 50% of the global population. In 2019, people spent an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes on social media per day and it is not uncommon to see individuals logging 5 or 6 hours on social media in a day. Social media has clearly become a fantastic opportunity for businesses with statistics and surveys showing social media marketing can be very strong if utilized correctly. The number one social media platform for business by a wide margin is Facebook with over 2.45 billion active monthly users. Twitter comes in second place with around 330 million active monthly users. Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest are also great and LinkedIn is a strong social media platform for B2B interaction and professional relationship building. One of the most impressive statistics for businesses is the fact that 43% of internet users use social media when researching things to buy. If you are not using social media as a marketing tool you are missing out on a lot of opportunity.



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Social Media Account Optimization

Optimizing your social media accounts is important for branding and appearing in search queries.Make sure your profile picture is your logo and your cover photo is related to your brand. It is important to make sure your logo, cover photo, and other media have the correct size dimensions. List all contact information including business hours, website URL and email address. The more information you make available to your viewers, the more likely you are to receive a call, email, or direct message.

Do You Have Auto-Generated Business Pages?

Claim your business pages and make sure the information is correct

Google My Business





Stop Confusing Your Customers With Conflicting Info

Profile Consistency Synchronization

Our team will examine your social media profiles and check for inconsistencies.

We will claim any auto-generated profiles and update all contact information.

Post Content On Multiple Platforms

Clearly, social media is a must have for any business hoping to attract an audience. Creating relevant social media posts on multiple platforms can lead to a lot of exposure and a lot of potential leads. Being on multiple platforms allows a business to interact with customers more closely and creates warm leads that will be more likely to convert down the road.

Social Media Statistics

Don't Just Wing It With Your Content Creation

Analytics Based Publishing

Our social media management package includes posts based on

days and times that produce the most engagement.