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Are You Donating to Facebook or Marketing to Customers?

Show Ads to The Right People

There are too many tools available for social media marketing to be running non-targeted ads. Why show your product or service to people with no interest when you can target people who actively consume content related to your business. Everyday millions of people spend countless hours on social media platforms liking, commenting, and sharing information they care about most. Using this data to target users allows them to see the products and services they want and keeps you from spending money on engagement that doesn’t convert.


Advertise only to people who have proven to be interested in your products or services for a better return on investment.

Look-a-like Audience

Advertise your product or service to users with qualities that are similar to those who already follow you.

Return On Investment

Social media ads provide a strong return on investment and is one of the most affordable options out of all digital marketing strategies.

Facebook Pixel

Start collecting data and track your conversions from your Facebook Ads. Use Facebook Pixel to refine your ad strategy and get a better return on investment.

What Can Be Tracked




Payment Info

Add to Cart



Page View





Run Multiple Ad Sets on
Facebook for Better
Return on Investment

Never assume that your viewers will respond well to any of your content. It is always best for your strategy to be determined by the data. Running multiple ad sets will give you the opportunity to see which variant yielded the most engagement. Once you have tested multiple ad sets, choose the one that performed the best.

Facebook Ad Set
Facebook Ad Set
Facebook Ad
Facebook Ad
Facebook Ad
Facebook Ad

Inefficient Campaign Structure Leads to Excessive Ad Spending

Use Social Media Ads to Drive
Traffic to Your Website

Send warm leads to your website through targeted Facebook advertising.

Once they get to your website, track activity using Facebook Pixel. 

Social Media Re-Targeting

If you are driving traffic to your website from Facebook ads or organic posts, you can use Facebook pixel to track your visitor’s activity. Some of the most important activities to track are, cart abandonment, payment method entry, or specific items a visitor selected in an online store. Regardless of whether or not the visitor makes a purchase, you can re-target them using Facebook’s ad tools. Send your visitors deals based on products they viewed or abandoned in their cart.

Social Media Statistics

You Don't Need a Mailing List to Re-Target Your Customers

Invest In Customer Retention

Create a relationship with your customers and build your brand