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People are making a tremendous amount of searches for local businesses in Salisbury NC. They search directly for certain businesses, and they make broad searches when they want to see what options are available. When someone searches for your product or service, do you show up near the top of the list? If you don’t, you are losing website clicks and therefore potential customers. Unless you want to forego these customers, it is crucial that your website is optimized for the searches being made by your audience.

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Hundreds of businesses call Salisbury NC home. Thousands of businesses service surrounding towns and cities in Rowan County. If your website is not prepared to compete with other companies, you won’t be a preferred business on Google. If you do not have a strategy to help your website show up when customers look for your product or service, you could be losing local business to companies that aren’t even located in Salisbury.

The key to ranking on higher on Google is putting your entire business online. Are you a family-owned business? If so, tell your story in detail. Do you offer a specific service? Your website needs to explain the service and what sets your abilities apart from the competition. This does more than help your customers trust you, it makes Google trust you. This is requires if you have any hopes of showing up at the top of a search engine when potential customers have a need.

Vivid Insights & Marketing can help you put your business online. We know exactly what information potential customers are searching for. Together, we can put your expertise online and attract more customers to your business

Dominate Your Competitors on Google in Salisbury

Rank Higher Than Local Competitors

The strategies that we employ at Vivid Insights & Marketing will help you dominate Google in Salisbury. The tools we use to leverage your industry knowledge will create a formidable combination that will result in higher rankings and more website clicks and phone calls. Clicks that were going to your competitors will be going to you instead. 

Once you start to get organic customers from Google, you will also be able to revisit some of your other advertising strategies and consider the return on investment. It may be possible for you to discontinue or double down on other opportunities.

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Don't Rely on Social Media or Paid Leads

It is important for your to diversify our lead sources because you never know what can happen to certain platforms and prices can change. Social media companies are bought and sold all the time and policies could change as well advertising affordability. You are not in control of your cost per click and cost per click so it is important to have other avenues just in case something bad happens.

Leveraging Google to generate organic leads for your business is the ultimate advertising investment because once you are established, organic leads are free. Even if algorithms change, costs will not increase. If you have optimized your website based on best practices and within Google’s policy, algorithm changes will be much more likely to help you instead of hurt you.

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