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Optimization – Keyword Research – Targeting

Are You Qualifying Your Leads?

Landing Page Relevance

One of the most important parts of a paid advertising campaign is setting yourself up for a successful conversion once the customer clicks on your ad. If you are driving your paid traffic to a page that is too broad or isn’t relevant to what was advertised, your customer could bounce from the page. Whatever you are advertising needs to be on the forefront of the page the customer is directed to after clicking on an ad. The less work your customer has to do to achieve your business objective, the more likely they are to convert.

Landing Page

Make sure the page your customer lands on is relevant to the ad they clicked on so you don't lose conversions.


Organize and structure your content in a way that can be easily understood by search engines like Google.


Choose your target audience by location and demographic to make sure you are marketing to people who are more likely to click on your ad.

Choose The Right
Goal For Your Business

Make sure you optimize your ad campaign toward the specific goal you hope to achieve.


Drive Online Sales Through Your Website


Encourage Customers to Take Action

Website Traffic

Drive The Right People To Your Website


Encourage People To Explore Your Product or Service


Build Your Brand Awareness and Reach Your Audience


Get More People to Interact With and Install Your App

Stay Specific for a Better
Return on Investment

Fight the urge to broaden your target audience. Choose a specific goal for your ad campaign and if you have multiple goals, run multiple campaigns with one goal for each.

Google Ads

Average Return on Investment for a Google Ads Campaign is 200%

Don't Run Ads Without Collecting Data

Google Analytics for Ads

Whens someone clicks on your ad and interacts with your website,

collect data on behavior and demographics to better optimize your ads.

Use Up All Available Content Space

When you create your ad, make sure you include enough information for users to fully understand your product or service. There is room for two headlines and a description in your ad. Place highly relevant content in all available space to get better results.

Google Ads Statistics

Research Keywords That Are Actually Used By Your Customers

Don't Choose Keywords Based On Your
Expertise in Your Industry

You may be an expert but your customers are not. Official terminology

may not be what customers are typing into search engines.