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Rank for Local Terms in Charlotte With Search Engine Optimization

Everyday millions of people use Google to search for local businesses. At least 40% of users click on a website coming from the organic search results. Over 90% of clicks go to website’s on the first page. In other words, if you aren’t on the first page, you aren’t being noticed. One important factor for search engine rankings is your location, especially when the user is on a mobile device. If someone is searching for your product or service locally, you would expect to be in consideration for the job. However, if your website is not optimized for search engines, not only could you lose the job to local competitors, you could lose to businesses up to 50 miles away. Don’t let that happen, optimize your website.

Keyword Research

Use the exact words and phrases your potential customers search for in your content to increase your relevance.

Content Structure

Organize and structure your content in a way that can be easily understood by search engines like Google.


In order for Google to place you on page 1, you need to have enough relevant content on your website to create an identity and prove you belong.

Win Non-Branded
Website Traffic

Increase revenue your by generating new leads and earning new customers. Don’t just rely on business from people who know you. Win customers who are making broad searches for your service or industry, not your specific company.

John's Example Auto Detail

Located in Charlotte, NC

Branded Search Query

Non-Branded Search Query

John's Auto Detail

Auto Detail Shop

John's Car Detail

Car Detail

John's Auto Charlotte, NC

Car Detail Near Me

Get new customers by generating non-branded website traffic

Charlotte SEO Analysis for Competitors

Use search engine optimization tools to compare the relevance of your website in relation to other local businesses located in Charlotte. If your competitor’s website has a higher optimization score than yours, it’s going to be a challenge to rank higher than them on search engines.

Charlotte SEO Score

SEO Score

Business A

SEO Score

Business B

Business B’s website will be much easier for Google to crawl and rank.

Show Google That You Are Your Customer's Solution

Your Business is More Than
A Keyword

Google won’t position you as the answer to a search query if they don’t know enough about you.

Without an appropriate amount of relevant content on your website, Google can’t trust you.

Keyword Research

Every day there are 5.8 billion search queries on Google. Every time someone performs a search on Google, they are looking to solve a problem or answer a question. If you want your customers to find you, you need to know what exactly they are searching for. As an expert in your industry, guessing what the customer is typing into Google is not going to yield positive results. You know your industry’s terminology much better than the consumer so you could be speaking a different language. Using SEO tools to find exact search phrases is the way to ensure that you are available to your customers.

Charlotte SEO Statistics

Use Keyword Research To Speak Your Customer's Language

Keywords Are Created Daily
By Your Customers, Not Google

Search Engine Optimization is not a mystery.

Google’s customers demand relevance.